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About Us

Just a Mom Trying to Keep Her Babe Happy...IN STYLE

I started making Chookies because I am obsessed with baby products that are actually geared towards moms. My sweet babe is 11 months old and used to find hours (okay, more like 15 minutes but that's enough for me!) of entertainment with my plain-jane set of keys while in the grocery store.  So, I decided to create a keychain that is actually intended for him to chew on, without sacrificing my cute key ring mojo!

Chookie : noun, sweetheart or little one

Chookie. Chew key. Get it? Chookie is actually british slang meaning child or sweetheart. Let your chookie have some of our Chookies!  Of course, what kind of business would we be if we weren't safe for your sweet chookie to chew on? Our silicone beads are made from BPA free, food-grade silicone.  The metal portion of the keychain is free of toxic ingredients that most metals have, and we also coat them in a non-toxic sealant spray.  

Who Knew Teething Could Be So Cute?

Ease the pain and provide entertainment for your sweet babe, while maintaining your hot-mama vibes.