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4 Reasons Moms Need Chookies

1. Can you say ALL NAT-URAL?!

This silicone teething keychain is an all-natural, BPA free, food-grade, teething remedy for babies. Babies and toddlers find relief in counter-pressure that is created by rubbing their gums on objects when those pearly whites are making their way to the surface. It can be difficult to find safe and acceptable teething aides that are easily transportable. Chookies keychains provide a safe, natural teething remedy.  

2. Chookies are Stylish

Mama's well-being is a close second priority to baby's well-being. And when mamas look good, they feel good! This teething accessory is actually chic for moms to rep! I always found that silicone jewelry clashed with my clothing or grabbed my hair. A keychain makes these same chewelry teething beads accessible and fashionable at the same time.

3. Practical As Can Be

Not only are the beads on the keychain beneficial for teething babies, but the keychain is also favorable for moms who, let's face it, might not be as organized as we once were pre-offspring. The clip on the keychain will reduce the amount of time you spend rummaging around your diaper bag in search of your keys. Seriously, even if you don't buy a Chookie, save yourself some gray hairs and get one of those giant hiking clips or something. You won't regret it. 

4. Usable

Munch on them, grab them, clip them, hang them, dress them up with keys, swing them around like a helicopter. Whatever you and your little one choose to do with your Chookies, they will prove to be so useful and helpful for on-the-go moms and babes who are in the throes of teething. 

Chookies Silicone Keychains

8/3/2017 5:33 p.m.

Written by: A Real Mom