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Chookies | chew-keys : a silicone accessory that mom won't mind rockin'

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"I love the keychains! Because let's be honest, even though the teething necklaces are super cute, my shirt would get soaked and that's not so cute!" -Ariel B. 

"My baby loves this. If he's getting antsy at the store I just take it off and he starts chewing on it and we absolutely love it." -Stevie J. 

Brand New Paci Clips Now Available!

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A Chic Teething Solution


Diaper bags are huge and can leave you fishing around for your keys for way too long.  Clip your Chookies teething keychain onto your bag for optimal accessibility.


So done with primary-colored baby toys?  We are too!  Teeth in style with our trendy colors and design. 


Different shapes of silicone teething beads create various nooks and crannies for your little one's sore gums to chew on!  A perfect and natural teething remedy. 

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